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  1. We all love our kids, but we know it can be a bit of a minefield out there! Although the basics are still the same, the world has changed so fast. I see this with my own children, who live in a fast-paced world where anything is available at the touch of a button. Six-year-old Peter does not have access to the internet or any electronic devices, although he is always asking for an iPad because “all his other friends have them”! I personally find it quite scary how freely information is available out there and not all of it is positive. The number of stories in the news and from other parents about how children have been injured or even worse from following trends on Instagram or copying daring feats from YouTube are getting scarily frequent.


    I discovered the Sue Atkins Parenting Show a while back and have been listening to her Podcast whilst getting on with various jobs around the house and find it a wealth of information and advice. She has her finger on the pulse of what is really going on out there, and her advice is relevant to parents of children of all ages. Sue Atkins is a Parenting Expert, Writer, Speaker, Broadcaster and Presenter as well as being a mother herself. She has had articles published all over the world as well as making regular appearances of TV shows such as “This Morning”. She understands the difficulties and pitfalls of parenting and offers no nonsense advice. Show website page:

    Sue Atkins long


    Check out her free podcast

    The Sue Atkins Parenting Show is a free, weekly show which addresses many different aspects of parenting. She both interviews and is interviewed by other experts to give us a balanced view of modern issues. Here is the link to Issue 31: Helping your kid become smart talkers to give you an idea. (Listen out for our advert ????). Each episode is between 20-40 minutes long and focusses on one or two aspects. The podcast is published every Friday and is easy to subscribe to!

    Definately worth a listen, and do check out her social media links below. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think?

     Debbie x

    Social and website links:

    The Sue Atkins Parenting Show on Twitter:

    Sue on Twitter:

    Sue on Facebook ‘Happy, Confident Kids with Sue Atkins’

    Sue’s Parenting Club

  2. You may have noticed that we have been fairly absent for the last few months! Firstly, I want to apologise for this. Life took a bit of an unexpected (and traumatic) turn and sadly it took my attention far away from the PlayBag Company. With the exception of fulfilling orders, the rest of the business has had to take a bit of a back seat recently and this means a lack of blogs, web updates and social media presence.

    On the positive side, we are back and stronger than ever with lots of exciting plans for the future. We have also had some time away on holiday and moved into a bigger (and sunnier) workspace, so are feeling re-inspired and reinvigorated.

    Exciting times ahead!

    Our social media will be having a fresh new look as I have delegated the majority onto my (nearly seventeen-year-old) daughter who is much more tech savvy and social media minded. She is also taking on some of my blogging and newsletters, so expect a slight change of tone there!

    This will leave me freer to concentrate on development of new products and driving the business forward. We are also in the process of developing some new products which we hope you will love! Please keep an eye on our Social Media to keep informed of our progress on this, and sign up to our newsletter which will highlight any offers and new products.

    Exciting times.....

    Debbie x