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  1. It has been a bit of a crazy but amazing couple of weeks here at the PlayBag Co! We have been out and about at shows all over the place and launched our new PlayBag Mini!

    Norpip Charity Shopping Morning

    Despite the crazy snowy weather, we had a lovely morning at this charity fundraiser on the 10th February in Duston Northampton. It was lovely to see so many local businesses coming together to support this worthwhile charity. All the stall holders also donated to the raffle prizes which had an amazing amount of pre-sales. All in all, a lovely event, with a fantastic sum raised for charity.


    Click here to read more about the work of Norpip (Northampton Parent infant Partnership)

    Warwickshire Baby and Toddler Show

    Two days later we were packing up our PlayBags to visit Stratford-upon-Avon for the Baby and Toddler show. It was quite a late decision for us to attend this show knowing that we would be in Oxford the following weekend, but to be honest, we just love going to these sort of events and chatting to people. It also gives you a chance to see our PlayBags and understand better how they work.



    We are also very proud of the quality of the fabrics that we use and this is something that is quite difficult to get over in a picture. At least when you see them for yourselves you can feel the softness. One common thing that people often mention is how soft the rainbow grass is on the PlayBag Garden – you can barely feel it, it is so soft. I love it!!

    Oxford Baby and Toddler Show

    We had barely had time to catch our breath before we were off to Oxford for another Baby and Toddler Show! Another very busy show for us, but again – wonderful feedback!


    We also unveiled our lovely new PlayBag Mini Stepping Stones which we have created as an exclusive for our new Partners: Hewson and Nash! If you did not get a chance to buy one at the show, they are now only available via their website: They have only been made in limited numbers, so don’t miss the opportunity!

    Next stops:

    Our event calendar is quickly filling up, but our next couple of shows are: Pre-loved market in Northampton on the 5th March and the Baby and Toddler Show in Milton Keynes on the 29th April. Would love to see you there.

    For more details on upcoming outings: check out our events page.

    Debbie x 

  2. Launching at the Oxford Baby show this weekend (19th February), we are super excited to introduce our latest creation – the PlayBag Mini Stepping Stones! After this weekend, it will only be available through our new partners: Hewson and Nash!

    We are loving this new design and think it offers a truly magical backdrop for different adventure. The only question is… how will you use yours?

     Features of the PlayBag mini Stepping Stones

    Lots of scope for imaginative play

     Instagram Four ways with the mini stepping stones

    What adventures you choose to play with your PlayBag all depends on which toys you decide to add! Here are some of our favourites, but you are really only limited by your imagination!

    Exclusive to Hewson And Nash

    If you have been following our latest news page, or newsletter you will already know that we have decided to partner with the wonderful Hewson and Nash this year! This is an exciting opportunity for us, and so we decided to give them  exclusivity on this new PlayBag, so if you want to get your hands on one, please visit Available from 20th February 2017. 

    Please do let us know what you think of our new design by leaving a comment below or on Facebook. 

    Debbie x

  3. We have recently seriously jazzed up our Frequently Asked Questions page and in this first of a three part series of blogs, we are sharing with you some of our most asked questions about the PlayBag in general.

    To read the full FAQ’s, please visit our FAQ page here

    What is the PlayBag Banner

    The PlayBag is a play mat and toy bag in one. It was designed to make life easier for parents getting out and about with young children.

    What age is the PlayBags suitable for?

    The PlayBag is designed to stimulate imaginative play, therefore is suitable for children from around age 2, when they start interacting with their toys, up until 7 or 8 years old.

    Is the PlayBag safe for babies?

    Most of our PlayBags can be used by babies as they are made from super soft plush fabrics which are extremely tactile. The 3d features are soft enough to roll on and still pop back up. However, the PlayBags which use the long pile “grass” fabrics such as The Shire and The Garden PlayBags are not recommended for children under 18 month.

    Is the PlayBag machine washable?

     Machine washable banner

    Yes! This was one of the essentials when we first designed the PlayBag. It is meant to be taken everywhere and used on a variety of surfaces, so your child has a clean and safe place to play. This inevitably means that it will end up on dirty surfaces such as gyms, grassy parks, and café floors etc. We recommend washing at 30-40 degrees and allowing to dry naturally. It is advised not to tumble dry.

    Does it come with a guarantee?

    Our PlayBags are guaranteed for 12 months after the date of purchase, so if you do find any fault, please return to us to rectify. See our Terms and Conditions for further information on your rights as a consumer.

    How safe is the PlayBag

    The PlayBag has been tested for its safety as a toy and is CE marked meeting EN71 safety standards.

    Which PlayBag is best for me?

    This is really down to personal preference. We try to design our PlayBags to give the most varied backdrop to suit whatever you child is into. What is a fairy garden to one child could be a dinosaur island to another. It really depends upon which toys are used with the PlayBag.

    We currently have two different sizes of PlayBag: the PlayBag Maxi which is the larger sized version, most suitable for overnight trips or the PlayBag Mini, which is ideal for travel as it fits perfectly on the lap, coffee table or train table.

    Click here for more information on the PlayBag Maxi

    Click here for more information on the PlayBag Mini


    If you have any other questions that you would like added to our page, please do leave a comment below. 

    Debbie x

  4. Here at The PlayBag Company, we love to play and we understand its importance for children. In this new series we are looking at play from lots of different perspectives.

     Schaefer quote

    Today we are looking at the three different forms of play in their most basic sense: Solitary Play, Parallel Play and Group Play.

    Solitary Play

    From birth, children are starting to discover the world around them. They spend their time exploring their senses, from the sound of their own voice, to the feel and taste of things. From this aspect, most of their time is spent in solitary play.

    Solitary play can also be important for children at older ages too as they learn not to rely on others for stimulation. Older children tend to engage in solitary play in a creative way such as reading, drawing, inventing and exploring. They may also use their toys to make up games and imaginative scenarios.

    Parallel Play

    Donna Barnes quote

    Once children reach the age of two or three, they begin to play alongside, but not with other children. They may be doing the same or similar activities, or something totally unrelated. They seem to enjoy being in the presence of others, but it does not affect their play.

    Group Play

    Children start becoming more sociable and interact with others from the age of around three. They are still learning a lot about the world around them and in particular, how to share and interact in a positive manner. Social skills are learnt at this age and interactive play plays an important part in this. Important skills such as taking turns are learnt through collaborative play, as well as being able to solve problems and disputes.

     Stuart brown quote

    The imagination of children playing has always fascinated me, and the thing that typifies play for me is the complete immersion in the game or activity. It does not necessarily have to have a purpose, or an outcome, nor does it need to be completely based in reality. What is important is the absorption in the game itself, and to me this is not an age related thing, and as adults we can learn so much by watching children play – it is about totally being in the moment. 

    "We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing" George Bernard Shaw

    Debbie x