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  1. ntf 

    Back in my teaching days, I was fortunate to be introduced to Andrew Butler who, along with his wife runs the charity Northampton Trustee Fund: a charity which offers a helping hand to the people in the village of Penyem in The Gambia. They raise funds to improve the medical facilities as well as finding sponsors for the children to attend schools. My daughter Caitlin was seven when I first met Andy, and we were found a girl of a similar age to sponsor, so that she could have some frame of reference and be able to relate to her. Although, I have never been so good at writing letters, we have had regular reports of how her schooling has been doing as well as the occasional photo and letter. It has been lovely to keep in touch with her and her family and watch her progress, and it has been a humbling experience for Caitlin being able to see, if only from distance so far, a culture so different to her own.