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» Listings for September 2015

  1. Hurray! The new PlayBag mini is now ready in the web shop! After a good few months of designing, experimenting, playing and testing, the first two of the four designs are now in stock.

    We are super excited about these new designs! It has been a very hectic time making sure that everything was ready and in order, and now we can proudly introduce you to the first two of the four new PlayBags.

    Arctic Adventure

    playbag sept 054

  2. playbag mini 029

    This was a question I had to ask myself when I first started making the PlayBags to sell. It is a bit of a grey area because if it is classed as a bag, there are less hoops to jump through in getting it onto the market. As a toy, it needs to go through a series of tests to ensure that it conforms to British Safety Standards. To me, the cool thing about the PlayBag is that it is both, so I decided to play safe and go through CE testing. As the PlayBag Mini is poised ready to go into production, I thought I’d share with you what the PlayBag actually goes through between initial design and reaching the web shop. 

  3. woman-notebook-working-girl-large

    It seems to have come round super quick this year, but yes, it’s back to school and some sort of normality for parents. For some it is quite a momentous occasion, with young children starting primary school and older ones starting high school – both major stepping stones in a child’s life, but also a big leap for parents. With each transition comes a little bit of sadness that our helpless babe, we once held in our arms, is becoming more independent. Although also with this comes that bit of pride and reassurance that we are doing our job as parents well and (hopefully) sending into the big world a child that is loved and ready to learn and deal with life’s challenges.