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Where have we been? Honestly!!!!

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What happened to the last two years??? Honestly!!

Where have we been Honestly!! (1)

Well, I think we can say that the last couple of years have been strange in everyone’s worlds! We have all faced our own unique set of challenges.

I know I have been very quiet on the PlayBag front over the last 18 months or so… I have been running things quietly behind the scenes, however, my social media presence, blogs and newsletters have been minimal to say the least!  

Global pandemic aside, the last eighteen months has seen me go through a divorce, two house moves and all the challenges that came with it. This has meant, that aside from processing orders, and generally keeping on top of things, the rest had to be put on hold temporarily.

This has meant however, that it has given me much-needed head space to re-evaluate my life and business. I have created a rather compact, fold away office space, which I love working in. Stock levels are pretty much back to optimum and I’m full of enthusiasm and ideas for the future of the PlayBag!

new office

So, where am I now?

Happily, in a much better place. Business has been restructured to fit in with my new life and things are moving ahead again. I have reorganised all my systems and stock, finally found homes for everything and made plans for the PlayBag to evolve and move forward.

What is coming up for The PlayBag Company?

As of 1st September, the new website has been launched, with a much cleaner layout. Events look like they may finally start happening again – so keep an eye out on our events page!

I am currently working on some PDF patterns for toys and accessories that can be used either alone, or with your PlayBag. These will be easy enough for you to make with your children out of what ever fabrics you have to hand, although there will be the option to buy the kit too with pre-cut fabrics. Hopefully these should be available in time for the October half term.

I am excited to see where this new direction leads.

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In the meantime, hope you are all keeping well and sane!!

Looking forward to hearing about your PlayBag adventures!


Debbie x

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