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Long Winter Nights are For........

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Long Winter Nights blog

So the nights are definitely seeming longer. It gets so dark so early at this time of year, we thought we would give you a round up of our top ten things to do on these long winter nights.

1.       Create a Hygge corner: OK – so we are still a little obsessed with the Danish concept of Hygge! Why not set up a cosy corner in your house where you can cuddle up with a good book and cup of cocoa!

2.       Feeling Grateful: nothing creates a good feeling like realising how lucky you are. Sometimes it is the small things that we sometimes fail to appreciate. We have created our own “Gratitude Tree” with leaves to write on.

3.       Get Christmas Shopping. Support small local businesses. Create a warm feeling knowing that you are supporting small business owners who really care about creating the best experience for you.

4.       Write some good old fashioned letters. We all love receiving nice mail through the post, but it is something we have got out of the habit of. Make someone’s day by writing a little letter to someone special.

5.       Have a tech free family evening. Yes, that means no phones, ipads or TV. Whether you choose to play a board game, play cards or make up a game; it will create memories that last.

6.       Watch a film. OK, so totally opposite of the last one, but I do love a good film too.

7.       Stargazing. This time of year is perfect for getting outside on a nice clear evening and appreciating the beauty of the night sky. Download a star map and see what constellations you can find.

8.       Get sociable. Long winter nights are the perfect opportunity to get friends round for a nice meal and catch up.

9.       Get crafty. Sometimes there’s nothing better that to get creating. How about finding a creative family project. Or start designing your own Christmas cards. The internet is flooded with creative ideas – especially Pinterest!

10.   Read a book together. Last but not least - cuddling under the duvet, or in front of the fire and reading a book out loud. We love the classics and are currently on book 3 of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Let us know your favourite way to enjoy the dark winter nights.

Debbie x 

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