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Big Changes!

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This year has seen a lot of personal changes around here, the big one being the decision to home educate the smallest member of the PlayBag Team!

This decision took a while to come to but it has definitely been the right one for us. We are lucky in that this can fit around business, and there is a huge Home School community in our area so he doesn’t miss out on the social side of things.

We made this decision simply because little fella was not happy at school and was losing his love of learning. This was certainly not a reflection of the school or the teachers, it just didn’t seem to suit him or his style of learning.

I have to say, things have been so much happier and calmer since we started this in September, and we are totally loving it. It also means that he can play a bigger part in the family business and learn entrepreneurial skills alongside his regular studies.

So how does this affect the PlayBag Company?

Well, it just means I have to be super organised! As we start home school at 7.30am, he gets some time off in the afternoon so I can catch up on business. I am also utilising evenings and weekends more. He comes with me to business meetings, where the PlayBag sure comes in handy when he is not busy helping me!

It is a very exciting time for us, and he has already come up with some fab ideas for new designs and improvements, so watch this space!

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Bye for now,

Debbie x

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