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Two new designs for Spring

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Introducing our Baby Friendly range!

We have been very busy over the last few months designing and creating our two new Maxis!

In the early days we created a special PlayBag Baby which had all sorts of different colours and textures to interest baby and encourage “tummy time”. We loved this design, but also realised it’s limitations – after the age of around 18 months, chances are it will no longer fulfil their needs!

Our other Maxi’s are designed more around the needs of children from the age of 2 when they are really starting to interact with their environment and use their imagination to create scenarios. A lot of these designs have one of their features being the lovely long soft “rainbow grass”, which we absolutely love, but are not suitable for children under 18 months.

Combining ideas

Anyway, when we were coming up with our new designs, we decided to combine the two ideas, to make a “baby friendly” PlayBag which would be suitable from birth, yet also capture their imagination as they grow.

Enchanted Garden

We have made it so that the 3D features are completely soft yet sturdy, so if baby rolls over them, they simply spring back into shape. We have created a super-sized flower in our Enchanted Garden which has some crinkly petals which we adore. Our Farm PlayBag also has a ridged “ploughed field” to add some texture, as well as a grassy hill in the green field.

 PlayBag Farm

In our shop from 1st May!

We will be launching these two designs officially at the Baby Show in Milton Keynes on 29th April, but if you are a subscriber to our newsletter, they are available to purchase at a special subscriber only rate! Look out for your newsletter landing in your inbox on the 1st April or sign up via our website or Facebook.

We love these two new designs and think that they offer a lot of scope for imaginative play, and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Debbie x

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