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Does the PlayBag come with toys?

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This is possibly one of the questions I am asked most! And the short answer is no!

To be used with a variety of toys

When I first created The PlayBag, I wanted it to be used in a variety of ways with whichever toys the child was into at the time. So for example if you had The Shire PlayBag – one day it could be a backdrop fro retelling the Gruffalo story, the next day it could be a playground for Playmobil toys or a lego scene. My initial thoughts were that to sell them with the toys was beign too prescriptive.

Instagram Four ways with the Shire V2 PlayBag

I also wanted the PlayBag to be gender neutral. I love observing children at play, especially how the genders often play with the same sort of toys, but in completely different ways. What may be Fairy Island to one child may be Dinosaur Planet to another - gender is not important!

Creating gift sets

Despite my initial plan, so many people asked about complete packages, or suitable toys for the PlayBag, so last year I decided to add a select number of toys to sell alongside my PlayBag. The wooden train accessory sets from Viga being one of them. We love traditional toys, and these are a perfect size for the roads. They are also compatible with Brio and Bigjigs toys so I’m told!

Although not a big fan generally of the more commercialised, plastic toys, we did fall in love with Arlo and friends from The Good Dinosaur, so have a small selection of these toys in our shop, which are a lovely addition to the PlayBag Mini.

PlayBag toys coming soon…..

We do have plans to create our own toys and accessories to sell alongside the PlayBags, so do sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed of the latest developments on this exciting new venture.

In the meantime, do let us know if there is anything that you woudl like to see in our PlayBag Shop!

Bye for now!

Debbie x

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