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Making life easier as a Parent

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making life easier as a parent

When first creating the PlayBag, (as I am sure you have heard me say many times before), I created it to make my life easier as a parent: to stop little fella bouncing off the walls while waiting for my daughter at training. However four years later, it still makes my life easier in so many other ways which I thought I would share with you here to inspire you to think about other ways you can use your PlayBag. 

Workout time

We all know how challenging it is to find time to get a workout in when we are crazy busy parents trying to do what feels like three full time jobs simultaneously, and I have done my share of workout DVD’s with little Peter jumping on my back as I am trying to do push-ups! (However, if I was a little fitter I could argue that this is great for adding extra resistance!) I quite often will set up a PlayBag nearby so Peter can play in a contained space while I get my workout in without being used as a bridge while trying to do a plank, or a tunnel in downward facing dog!!

workout in!


My least favourite of all housework jobs, but a necessary evil! Again, it keeps little fella out from under my feet and away from cables and hot irons, while still being close by!

Working from home

Now both my children are at school, it is a little easier to get my work done at home, but there are times when I have to get things done. My home office also doubles as our spare bedroom, so you can often find Peter on the spare bed, with one of his PlayBags while I am dealing with urgent emails. I also put him in charge of setting up the PlayBag window display which makes him feel very important!

keeping little fella busy

Getting some downtime!

One thing that keeps me sane in between a hectic life as a business owner, housewife and parent to two active children is by doing regular meditations! As you can imagine, it is quite challenging time-wise and finding some brief moments of quiet to do this, however, if I can just get little fella engrossed in a PlayBag game for ten minutes, it is do-able!

Do you have any ways that they PlayBag could be used to make you life easier as a parent? If so, please do leave us a comment below.

Debbie x

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