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The PlayBag and Autism

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When I first created the PlayBag, as I have said before, I did so mainly with my son in mind. However, I soon started getting enquiries about PlayBags for children on the autistic spectrum. This was followed shortly after by an invite to exhibit at the first Anna Kennedy Autism Expo! It got me thinking that perhaps the PlayBag would be a valuable resource for children with autism. After all, they are already super tactile and made from quality fabrics that you just can’t help but touch. They encourage imaginative play, and therefore speech and language development, and most of all, they offer a bit of security for children when they are away from their familiar environment. They also encourage independence as children can add their own toys and transport them and set up their own playstation when and wherever they need it. 

A manic few weeks followed with preparing stock for the show as well as researching autism and designing a bag that would appeal to the diverse range of needs. Just as I do not design bags specifically for girls or boys, nor do I think that PlayBags should be labelled as specifically for autism. I realise that all children are unique regardless of age, gender or needs, therefore the PlayBag Unique is based entirely around the child’s individual requirements.

ako autism expo

All our PlayBags are already super tactile due to the high quality plush fabrics that I use, however the PlayBag Unique differs in the fact that it has a few extra interactive elements to it. Our three basic designs are circles, spots and swirls, and come with two elements: crinkle, squeak or moveable rattle. All come with a D-ring for attaching own toys/rattles/chewy toy etc., and there is also the choice of outer fabric colour, base fleece fabric and four to five plush fabric features depending on style. Due to the unique nature of this PlayBag, each one is made up to order, using fabric colours of your choice. 

playbag unique prototypes 

Of course you could always choose one of our standard designs and adapt it to your child’s wishes. Please email me on [email protected] with your ideas and I will get back to you with a no obligation quote, time frame and design plan. Fabric samples available upon request. 

I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Debbie x

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  1. Lucy

    i love these, my favourite is the spot one with the little pocket and the crinkle. The 'unicorn hair' multicoloured fluff (for want of a better way to describe it) is amazingly soft. The crinkle fabric and squeaker are also very tactile and could also be used as a developmental item for young babies and tummy time. Fantastic idea Deb, well done. X

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