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Reinventing The Shire

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Ok, so a few months back you may remember I was just a little sad that The Shire PlayBag had to be discontinued as some of the key fabrics were no longer being made? Well, I was not willing to give up on my favourite design so easily and have spent months trying to find some way to reinvent it, with some minor hiccups along the way!

 the shire playbag

It was not actually as bad as I had been imagining! I had initially tried to find a direct substitute for the long green fabric I had been using as grass. I thought I had struck gold when I found another faux fur in bright green, the colour looked great so I ordered a whole load. Sadly when it arrived the quality was not what I was used to and although I did make a prototype using it, I could not bring myself to incorporate it into the final design. It felt cheap, not the quality I was used to whilst working with Shannon fabrics. Back to the drawing board.

Eventually I figured it did not have to be pure green grass! Imaginative play has that bonus…. It could be anything anyone wants it to be! Back to Shannon fabrics, I found a lovely long pile rainbow fabric. Now The Shire V2 boasts rainbow grass which could be some sort of exotic dinosaur food, or fairy grass or anything… limited only by the scope of your imagination.

     the shire v2 playbag

The Shire V2 also has a lighter coloured stream which could be a touch of ice on a cold day! Besides these two minor changes, the design of The Shire has remained the same. Think I need to come up with a more imaginative title though rather than V2!! Let me know if you have any ideas!

The Shire V2 available in the shop from 25th February 2016. (Possibly under a new name!!)


Debbie x


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