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What age is the PlayBag for?

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When I first started creating The PlayBag, I had in mind one thing. My 3 year old son! So the first PlayBags were designed with him in mind. They absolutely had to have roads and bridges! When I started to branch out and make PlayBags for others, obviously I had to extend my thinking and create with other groups in mind. One thing I don’t want to do however is label and categorise! I don’t particularly believe in “boys” and “girls” toys, however I do believe that children do gravitate towards certain toys.

Having had both a son and a daughter has been a real eye-opener for me because I think I can understand the nature vs nurture argument a little bit more, it is not quite as clean cut as I once thought! I can also see that although a very sweet and loving boy, Peter has definite “boy” tendencies: he needs to expend his excess energy, and has moments of mild aggression. This said, he will happily play for ages with a toy kitchen. He will cook, make cups of tea for his soft toys. But he will also get his hammer out and pretend to fix it. My daughter, claims to be a bit of a toy-boy and has never been a pink, frilly sort of girl, but she is very creative and would happily spend hours making stuff or drawing. I have never enforced stereotypes and I think both my children have a good balance, but in some respects they do fall (only just) into the bands of their stereotypes.

Anyway, I digress! As I started to branch out in my range of PlayBags, I found that it mattered very little which gender I had in mind with the design. Both boys and girls found their way of playing with the PlayBags. Older children would happily get involved too. There have been plenty times while sitting in my usual spot in the gym while my daughter is training, that Peter and I have been busy playing and older children have come over to join in the fun!


The PlayBag Baby and The Shire

The range has developed since those original designs to encompass all ages too. The Baby PlayBag was designed with the youngest child in mind, it is very tactile with lots of different textures to interest them, and an external pocket for the emergency nappy and wipes. The PlayBag mini was designed with travel in mind – whether in the car or on the train where space is an issue.


The PlayBag Mini Fairyland

At the heart of the PlayBag is imagination! It is very important to me that children are able to make of the scenes what they wish with whatever toys come to hand. As far as actual ages go, I would estimate from birth to about seven or eight but, as long as your child still plays and likes to take toys with them, the PlayBag will be a useful addition to your routine.


Debbie x

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