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One of the wonderful things about handmade creations is that they are all in their own way unique and individual.

I make the PlayBags in small batches of about four or five of each design at a time, and as such only purchase the materials in small(ish) quantities. The downside of this is when one of my favourite fabrics gets discontinued – so do the PlayBags which were reliant on that particular material. 

This has recently been the case with the Garden and The Shire PlayBags as the long pile green fabric by Shannon has been discontinued! Although I have been busy trying to find a substitute, nothing I have found is of high enough quality that I wish to use it on my bags! As a result, the current stocks of these two designs are now the last in their line!!

Although I will be slightly sad to say goodbye to these designs, it does leave me the scope to get designing again and so you may be seeing some new variations appearing soon in the shop! I will keep you posted via the PlayBlog and social media!

Debbie x

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