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Introducing the new PlayBag Minis!

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Hurray! The new PlayBag mini is now ready in the web shop! After a good few months of designing, experimenting, playing and testing, the first two of the four designs are now in stock.

We are super excited about these new designs! It has been a very hectic time making sure that everything was ready and in order, and now we can proudly introduce you to the first two of the four new PlayBags.

Arctic Adventure

playbag sept 054

This was the first of our ideas for the mini PlayBags, so it has had the most thorough play and practicality testing from me and my team. It went on holiday with us (along with The Shire), and ventured out when we wanted to travel a bit lighter (i.e. a rather long walk through several fields of cows, looking for a random village with a pub serving food!). We have made a few alterations from the original prototype as we felt that the edging on the reduced size bag did not work so well in mini, so we have changed that. To see pictures of the original mini prototype see the blog: the PlayBag has gone off road.

We were inspired to design this PlayBag one rainy day in the middle of our lovely British summer watching Ice Age of all things! Although the standard PlayBag is ideal for when we have lots of space, we realised there are times when a more compact version would be better, such as in the car or at a coffee shop where space is more limited. Hence, the PlayBag mini was born!

When it came to designing the rest of the range, we decided to do away with the roads and explore other habitats. So, for the remaining designs we tried to think of places that we would like to explore. Our imagination then took us on a trip to Fairyland!


playbag sept 031

Well it is Fairyland – it had to be colourful and soft! We also decided to take a bit of a different route on the usual bridge feature and turn it into a rainbow. And as for what is found at the end of the rainbow… who knows? We decided on this design that it would be fun to add in a little secret pocket where perhaps the fairies could leave a little note for a lucky child?

playbag sept 027

Check out our new designs in the shop and leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

Don’t forget to look out for next week’s blog where we shall be introducing you to the next additions to the Mini Explorer range: Space Mission (Peter is super excited about this one!!) and Island Explorer. We will also be launching a competition to win one of the new PlayBags!

See you next week,

Debbie x

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