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Back to reality!

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It seems to have come round super quick this year, but yes, it’s back to school and some sort of normality for parents. For some it is quite a momentous occasion, with young children starting primary school and older ones starting high school – both major stepping stones in a child’s life, but also a big leap for parents. With each transition comes a little bit of sadness that our helpless babe, we once held in our arms, is becoming more independent. Although also with this comes that bit of pride and reassurance that we are doing our job as parents well and (hopefully) sending into the big world a child that is loved and ready to learn and deal with life’s challenges.

For me personally, my eldest is now in year 10 and poised to embrace the hard work expected of her at the start of her GCSE courses. I have no worries that she will cope brilliantly with anything that life throws at her. Little one has just had his first two afternoons in reception at primary school, and although there was a tear in my eye, there is no denying he is ready to start school. Not sure he has really understood that this is it now – no going back to the comfort of pre-school or our mid-week “mother and son day”!

After a lovely summer holiday with the family though, it is now time to put all my energies back into my other “baby” The PlayBag Company and complete work on the new mini range – hopefully ready for sale later this month! Exciting times ahead!

Hope you all had a wonderful summer and are getting ready to enjoy the British autumn! Let’s face it – anything could happen weather-wise!

Debbie x


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