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Coffee, Cake and Woolly Hats

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Today is the 21st August and it is Senior Citizens Day!

Lets’ face it. Times have changed, and it’s not always in the best interests of our elderly relatives. We are living longer, yet living further away from each other. Our lives are so fast paced that we don’t always look after our elders in the way that we should. My own mother lives over 300 miles away which makes regular visits difficult. Luckily, she is close to my sister and her family and still very independent herself.

The coffee and cake bit…..


This photo is taken from the book “Change the World for a Fiver” from the innovative company "Shift", formerly known as “We Are What we Do”. I think it is a lovely reminder of the fact that all ages deserve respect as we can learn so much from each other. 

To celebrate Senior Citizens Day let’s make an conscious effort to look out for the older generation! Why not take your elderly relatives out for a coffee and let them share some of their stories with you? You may be surprised by some of the things they have to tell! Make sure you visit any elderly relatives and let them feel appreciated. If you have a local nursing home, perhaps you could pay them a visit and give them some of your time (or some home baking!) – There are bound to be people there that have very few visitors and would appreciate some attention. Also why not write a letter or handwritten note to the older adults who have made a positive impact on your life?

And the woolly hats?

Innocent Smoothies have been working with Age UK since 2003 to help keep older people warmer in winter. If you haven’t seen the innocent smoothie bottles on the shelves each winter proudly wearing their hand knitted hats, where have you been?! Why not join the hundreds of other knitters and do some yourself? They are super easy and super quick and there are patterns on the website to suit beginner or expert knitters. Each one sold raises money to help keep the elderly warm in winter.

I am definitely not an expert knitter, however when I first came across The Big Knit, I dusted off my pair of needles and some odd bits of wool, and put together a few little hats, and have done every year since. My creations have become slightly more adventurous, although still not a patch on some of the examples on their website! Here are a few from last year. 

birthday 2013 026

I wil keep you posted on progress......

Debbie x

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