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Oh how the times have changed!

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Quite often, me and fourteen year old Caitlin discuss how much has changed in the time between her early childhood and that of her younger brother: four year old Peter! A lot of it is down to circumstances, but a lot has to do with advances in the world. It is quite striking and quite scary how much has actually changed in the short ten years between them. 

When Caitlin was at pre-school in Glasgow, we lived in a one bedroom flat with very little in the way of luxuries. We didn’t have a TV, let alone know what an I-pod was! I did have a very basic mobile phone, but we didn’t even have a CD player! Now I know that these things did exist, but they were not a necessity! Caitlin’s “report” from pre-school was… well, did she even get one?

Peter on the other hand, knows how to work an I-Pad better than anyone else in the family – they have these at his pre-school and are all quite used to using them! His report was five sides of A4 typed with detailed descriptions of his achievements in literacy, mathematics, and physical activities. He came home on his last day with two full A4 scrapbooks, full to the brim of comments and observations of the things he has done during his time there!


Sometimes, even Caitlin will say things that I don’t completely understand, and these are proper words, used in the correct context and that can be found in the English dictionary! Just a quick google search shows that over 1000 new words are added into the Oxford Dictionary each year!

Some of these new words have been integrated into common usage through film and TV reference, others through advances in technology. Even initialisms and abbreviations have made into the big word book. Even spell check is happy with most of these cray cray words!!

So, ICYMI check out the amazeballs blog link below and don’t forget YOLO! (Caitlin cringes…!)

Debbie x

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