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My Favourite PlayBag Trips: Part 1

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Last night I was fortunate enough to be out for a rare meal with friends, and yet again, the PlayBag came into its own! Although it was quite a late night for my little man, he quietly and contentedly played with his PlayBag once his meal was finished, allowing me to catch up on the latest happenings!

As the summer holidays are now in full swing and we are taking a bit of a break from the usual routine, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite places to take the PlayBag.

march 2015 064 - copy

1)      Restaurant. As I said earlier, I have found this to be one of the main benefits of the PlayBag. Although I think we are getting better in Britain, restaurants often claim to be family friendly, but don’t really cater for little ones. Having the PlayBag means that he can play in a small area, and when he is happy, everyone else is. Especially those who are also wanting to enjoy a quiet meal!

2)      Café. I do enjoy the odd treat of a latte when I am out on my rounds! I see it as a luxury and not one I particularly want to feel stressed in with a hyperactive little boy desperate for attention. Getting his PlayBag out means I can actually enjoy my treat in peace!

3)      Beer garden/pub. OK! So it’s another self-indulgent one – but, hey! We love a Sunday afternoon in the beer garden on a fine day. Lots of pubs do have outside play areas for children now to cater for families like us, which is great. The PlayBag still makes its’ outing though for when he wants a change of scenery, or to sit at the table with us, have a drink and just play.

june 021 - copy

4)      Gym/Dance studio. One of the most common uses for our PlayBag is when my daughter is out training! I have mentioned this one a lot, but it has been worth its weight in gold for the times it has kept the little one entertained for the 45 minutes lessons, which are too long to just sit around, yet too short to go home or do something useful.

february 2015 066

5)      Visiting friends. Not that I don’t trust the cleanliness of the houses of others, but I can be quite particular, especially if there are animals present. I can’t always be sure of the state of someone else’s carpet, but I know my PlayBag is clean! It is also super quick to get out and to put away with minimal mess! It also works the other way in houses of my more house proud friends as he can messily munch his biscuit on his PlayBag, then it can come home with the crumbs and it is all ready to go straight in the washing machine.


I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays, and don’t forget to leave us a comment to let us know your favourite place to take your PlayBag!

Debbie x

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