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The Value of Play

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Phew! Just back from an exhausting PlayDate with Peter and a couple of his best buddies! It is such a lovely sight watching them play and to slyly listen in on their conversations! It is quite special watching them play out different scenarios based on perhaps something they have seen or heard, letting them explore and understand the world around them. I find it such a fascinating age to watch them play as they get so involved in their game.

There is so much research on the importance of play in childhood development. It is such an essential part of learning how to relate to the world around them, plus making sense of their experiences. A quick google search will pull up many articles on the subject and we even have an organisation dedicated to the promotion of play! For more information on the work that they do visit:

“Play is an essential part of every child's life and is vital for the enjoyment of childhood as well as social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.” Play England


August 5th this year marks the 28th official PlayDay! It is held every year on the first Wednesday of August which conveniently falls within most UK school holidays. It is an opportunity to celebrate play and many communities put on PlayDay activities. It began in London as a campaign against rumoured cuts to funding of play centres. It grew in momentum and has now spread throughout much of the United Kingdom in order to highlight and celebrate the importance of play in children’s lives. Visit to find out if there are any events on near you or to get involved.

Exclusive PlayDay offer! One day only!!

To celebrate PlayDay, we have decided to offer our UK readers a special 25% off any PlayBag ordered on PlayDay 2015. Enter code PLAYDAY at the checkout. Valid until midnight on Wednesday 5th August!

Happy playing,

Debbie x

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