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Celebrating Fathers!

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OK! So it doesn’t exactly feel like midsummer yet, but this Sunday is the Summer Solstice. In theory the day of the year where we get the most sunlight, although looking at the forecast, we may be a little disappointed! Another reason to celebrate this Sunday is its Father’s Day!! Double bonus! Regardless of the weather, we will be celebrating both with a family garden BBQ! And hopefully making the most of the long evening.


Most countries celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June although there are variations across the world. New Zealand and Australia for example celebrate on the first Sunday of September. The theme across the world is fairly similar in that is it a day dedicated to Dad! However, this is not necessarily limited to our biological fathers, but really includes any significant “father figure” in our lives. Be it a grandfather, uncle, step father, big brother and so on. In most countries, father’s day consists of simply spoiling dad with your time and homemade gifts to show him your appreciation.

Sadly, with the rise of commercialism, it has turned into yet another money spinner for a lot of companies. Happily, most nurseries and primary schools still make gifts with the children and it’s these little handmade gifts that we treasure the most.

If you are still looking for that special gift, one of my favourite websites for finding “craft with kids” ideas is Activity Village – lots of fab ideas for all ages. Click on the picture for some inspiration for homemade father’s day crafts.  

activity village logo 400

Other Father’s Day Traditions

One tradition that I like from USA and Canada is that people wear roses to show their gratitude to their fathers and all they have done for them. Traditionally people wear a red rose if the person’s father is still alive and a white one if he is no longer with us. Similarly in Ireland, if the person’s father is deceased, people pay tribute by giving donations in his name. I think this is a lovely positive way to celebrate those we can no longer tell personally.

Also in Ireland the onus is put back on dad as it is also his day to consider all the fatherly responsibilities that he should fulfil with devotion and sincerity. Get in there Dad’s and earn that breakfast in bed and “Best Dad” mug!!

 fathers day

Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there!



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