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To celebrate World Environment Day, I figured it would be a good time to have a good look at our eco credentials.

The theme for World Environment Day 2015 is:

“Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”.

(Click on the picture to go to the WED website and find out more.)


It is encouraging people to rethink their lifestyle and make conscious decisions with what they consume to lessen their impact on nature’s resources. Obviously, we all have a part to play in this, and many small actions can make a big impact. So I have been looking at where I can make improvements in my life and work.

Personally, I do try to be as green as possible in my work and day to day life, however, my greenness is not as perfect as I’d like it to be. Perhaps I come across as more lime green rather than super grass green!

On the bright green side of things, I subscribe to a veg box scheme which I love! Not only is it fab knowing that my veggies are local and in season, it also gets me and the children trying things that I wouldn’t normally buy. I also try and tread lightly, walking as much as possible rather than driving everywhere. Me and little Peter will often be seen cycling the mile up hill to nursery in the mornings! When Peter was little, we used washable nappies and wipes which were beautiful. I suppose you could use the washing argument regarding their greenness, but they have to be heaps better overall. Plus they are soo cute!!

On the paler green side, I can’t live without my little car, especially living in the countryside! I do drive a lot especially to after school sporting activities, although I do try to minimise where possible and lift share.

Obviously when it comes to The PlayBag Company, I can’t be separated from it, so the same principles apply! I try to source my materials from local companies with eco conscious principles. My packaging is biodegradable and everything is created here in my home studio. So really the PlayBag Company does tread fairly lightly upon this planet!

So in summary…..

What we do already: (Most of the time anyway!)

  • Monday Mash up. Yep! All the leftovers from yesterday’s Sunday Lunch get made into an interesting meal the next day!
  • Litter walks. Even if we haven’t got our rubbish bags to hand, I often come home with an armful of rubbish. Yes it does look rather dodgy when I’m walking home from dropping Peter off at nursery and I have four empty cans of strongbow in my hands! (urgh – not to my taste anyway!)
  • Leftover soups. Another interesting one! The day my new veg box is due, all the veggies left in the box get made into soup.
  • Veg box. Fresh, local and organic
  • Walk/cycle to nursery/school. Ok, not all of the time – sometimes life take over!
  • Support charities and local causes.

What I should do more of:

  • Drive less – I don’t always have to be in a rush do I?
  • Waste less food. I really do loath wasting food, but I am guilty.
  • Stop printing things off. Although sometimes it is preferable to always looking at a computer screen.
  • Take more advantage of home grown produce. Although sadly I’m not very good at growing things.

To celebrate World Environment Day we have a little treat for you this week….


If you are confused and you don't know the story of The Lorax - you are missing out no matter what your age! Check it out!

For fellow Dr Seuss fans and in celebration of our environment, we have been going a bit truffula tree crazy here and have put together this free tutorial for you so you can make your own. 

Long before it was made into a cartoon film, Dr Seuss’ The Lorax has been one of my favourite children’s books. For me it has the right mix of fun and with an important ethical message without being “in your face”. In my eyes the film really does do the book justice. It still has a very dear place in my heart and in a way, starting out with The PlayBag Company, I feel a bit like The Onceler from the beginning of the film– out there on my own with not much more than a crazy idea and tons of enthusiasm! I hope that along my journey I don’t get side tracked and manage keep in mind the bigger picture!

Just click on the truffula tree to download a PDF version.

 truffula tree2

Enjoy, and don't forget to share your truffula pictures with us!


Debbie x

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