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My favourite top five inventions

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Ok, so I’m going to be a little bit frivolous here. But I’ve been thinking a lot recently about inventions that have really had an impact on my life in general.

Now I’m not talking about the big things here like cars, computers and washing machines, I’m thinking more about the little things that make my life personally more manageable, or that I just would not have done without. So here is my random selection of “luxury essentials”!

1: Ring Slings. Little Peter went almost everywhere in a sling when he was little. My favourite being the ring sling. I loved feeling so close to him, and he benefitted from feeling warm and secure. I found it so practical as well - easy to throw in a bag, lightweight and comfortable. Baby wearing has been around for thousands of years and is still a common sight in a lot of countries, although it is becoming more popular in western countries.

august11 012

2: Tripp Trapp chair. When my daughter was little I desperately wanted one of these chairs! As I was in a government job at the time, I offered to work extra hours counting votes after the election to be able to afford one for her. It was money well spent and lasted her until it was passed on to Peter. It is still going strong with plenty years left in it. Apart from encouraging good sitting posture it is fully adjustable to cater for all ages. Built to last!

april 11 021

3: Needle threaders. How cool are these? So it’s not rocket science but how frustrating is it when you can’t see straight to thread a hand sewing needle. So simple but so effective.


4: Lush’s R&B leave in hair conditioner. Anyone remember Crystal Tipps? Well, that is me and my hair. Seriously red and seriously frizzy. I have battled with it for years trying to tame it and have only just discovered the answer! I use R&B after washing as a deep hair conditioner, or sometimes a tiny bit on finished hairstyles to add shine. Definitely not recommended if you have hair that is prone to greasiness, but this stuff is magic if you have wild uncontrollable frizzy thick hair like me. Ok so I may not be in the majority there! But finally I have discovered the secret to soft bouncy curls!


5: GHD Hair straighteners. Now I know for a fact that I am not the only one to swear by these little beauties! Now with the mass of hair I have, I do need the wider ones, more aimed at afro hair. But if I want to go for the tame look and have an hour to spare these are simply genius!

Anyway, have a good week and leave a comment below to let us know what your favourite creation is that has transformed your life in some small but profound way!

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