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Top Ten Toys to use with your PlayBag

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When I created the PlayBag, I wanted it to be as versatile as possible, whereby the only limit was the child’s imagination.

 However, some toys obviously work better than others due to the road and feature size. I have created the following list to give you an idea of the sort of toys that we have found work best with the PlayBags. Although this list is in no way exhaustive, it gives you a good idea where to start!

1)      Lego. This has to be my favourite all time toy! It has stood the test of time and seems to be universal. Loved by children of all ages. Despite recent criticism that the “kits” inhibit the child’s creativity, I find the opposite. Ok, so you build the kit up. But if you are anything like my family, this soon gets destroyed and mingled in with the other bits and turned into something completely different. And that is the beauty of Lego. It can be whatever you want it to be. This fits in perfectly with The PlayBag ethos of imaginative play. Lego vehicles tend to be a perfect size to fit onto the roads; you can build Lego buildings to populate the area – the possibilities are endless!

playbag april 2015 014

2)      Sylvanian Families. Again another timeless toy. My daughter collected these when she was younger and reluctantly handed them over to Peter when he was at an age when she trusted him to respect them. He loves them. Again, they create wonderful opportunities for imaginative play.

playbag april 2015 032

3)      Octonauts. Although personally not a big fan of the more commercial brands, I do have a soft spot for the Octonauts. Whether it is the non-patronising way that the teach you (yes, even you grown –ups) really interesting stuff about sea-life, or the brilliant accents of all the creatures, I’m not sure, but you can’t deny the appeal of that random band of sea explorers! Anyway, we designed the Beach PlayBag when Peter was heavily into his Octonauts phase, so that there was a good expanse of water and beach to play in.

playbag april 2015 015

4)      Peter Rabbit. I know! Again I’m heading over to the commercial toys, but again I do have a soft spot for Peter Rabbit! Perhaps it is the name? Anyway, these toys are a perfect size for The PlayBags and I have found that Benjamin loves to hide in the tunnels!

5)      Farm toys. Having a tractor mad son, he has lots of farm animals, fences, trees etc. they all tend to be a good size. He has various tractors of different sizes which have all had a PlayBag adventure or two. And, even if they don’t fit through the tunnels, they can still have a lot of fun towing stuff that gets into trouble!

6)      Matchbox or Hot Wheels vehicles. These classic vehicles have been around a long time and are of the perfect size for throwing into the PlayBag for emergency trips.

7)      Mulberry Bush cars. I’m a big fan of this UK brand. They sell traditional toys and a good selection of quality wooden toys (which I love) and have their business ethics in the right place! Their smaller cars work well with the PlayBag and fit easily onto the Parking PlayBag spaces.

8)      Animal hospital. Bring out the caring and nurturing side with the Animal Hospital range. Although some of the larger vehicles are too big for the PlayBag bridges, there is still plenty fun to be had rescuing the animals, and the helicopter is right at home landing on the helipad on the Original PlayBag.

playbag april 2015 012

9)      PlayMobil. Similar in size to Lego and plenty in the range to choose from.

10)  Any Random assortment! Who says the toys have to fit anyway?? When you watch children playing, they don’t care that a dinosaur doesn’t belong in a farm playset or that the baby rabbit is ten times the size of the Landover! Some of our favourite PlayBag adventures have included a random selection of mismatched toys!

playbag april 2015 038

I hope this gives you some inspiration. Please do leave a comment and let us know what toys are your favourites to use with your PlayBag!

Happy Playing! 


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