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  1. What's in store for 2018?

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    Happy New Year to you all!!

    I don’t think I am alone in saying that 2017 was a tricky year. For so many people it was a year punctuated by difficult situations, and I too had my fair share of problems to deal with on a personal level.

    Take control in 2018

    Happy to say though, that the New Year brings with it a renewed sense of optimism, and we are literally buzzing with new ideas and a fresh outlook for 2018!

    So, what do we have in store for 2018? Well firstly, we are planning to get out and about with our PlayBags even more. Not only to our usual events, but we are also spreading our wings further afield. I won’t say too much just now, as a lot of our new venues are still being firmed up, but you can keep up to date by subscribing to our E-newsletter.

    We currently have a huge January sale going on in our webshop with 25% off all our current ranges. This is so we can make room for our new designs which we will be releasing this year. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we are super excited about our new PlayBags. They are currently in their design phase, so we still have to make the prototypes and put them through the rigorous play-testing to make sure that the design in my head works in reality. We will be posting updates on social media and on our newsletter as these progress, so keep an eye out over the next few months.

    We want you to get the most out of your PlayBag, so we are currently designing a free downloadable e-booklet to give you some more ideas about how to use them. I don’t like the thought of them sitting unused as they were created to make your life as a “parent on the go” easier, so hopefully this will provide some more inspiration.

    We have also lots of cool competitions coming up this year: A photo competition in April (so get busy snapping pics of your PlayBag in action), and also a Design your own PlayBag competition in June, where you could win your own design fully made up – how exciting!!

    Our social media accounts have been slightly neglected of late, but that is set to change. I have been very busy behind the scenes learning new ways to use the different platforms, as well as handing over some of the responsibility to my tech-savvy teenage daughter, who as you know is already in charge of Instagram and doing a fab job!

    Social Media

    Please leave a comment if there is anything you would like to see on our website.

    Here’s to a fab year!

    Debbie xx

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  2. Temporary Shop Closure

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    Temporary Shop Closure

    Ok, so I know Christmas is on its way and approaching very fast, but we are taking a brief break from 8-15th December, so will not be processing orders during that week.

    You may (or may not) remember that we are involved with a local charity that helps support a small rural village in The Gambia? Well, two of our team are taking a trip out there again to visit the families that we support, and see how the schools are getting on. As a company we also have donated some money towards their malaria campaign, which is rife in the area. It will be good to catch up with our friends over there (and get some sunshine in – sorry!)

    Don’t worry though, there is still time to order your PlayBag in time for Christmas. We will be getting orders out on Thursday 7th, and Saturday 16th and posting all orders first class including your free Christmas Bobball. Anything urgent, the office will still be manned by the other members of the team ;) 

    Why not check out our Christmas Shop here.

    Debbie x

  3. The Technology Gap

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    When we think back to twenty years ago, what do you feel is the thing that has changed the most? For me, I straight away thought, technology! Definitely! We have realy come a long way since VHS tapes and Walkmans; nowadays it almost seems like children are born with phones in their hands. The next generation with thumbs that could kill due to their strength from texting. So as a teenager who doesn't really have that much of a liking for technology (says she writing this on her laptop with her phone by her side), it really bugs me when I see children who know how to work an iPod before they can walk. But I mean, that's just my opinion of course!


    But that's why I like seeing kids using normal conventonal toys, such as ones similar to our PlayBags for a convenient example. Not to seem stone age or anything.... We created the PlayBag in order to keep little Peter occupied whilst I was at training and sure enough, from an idea to a creation, and then from a creation to a company we grew. Paired with whatever is lying around the bottom of our bags, he is entertained for hours, lost in his own little world of imagination. No matter where we are; whether that be in a car, somebody's house or even at a restaurant waiting for a meal, we can always count on our PlayBag to keep little Peter far from boredom.

    Do let us know what toys you use with your PlayBag and follow us on Social media to keep up with our latest creations and ideas for using your PlayBag.

    Caitlin x

  4. FAQ: Part 2 - Using the PlayBag

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    How do you use the PlayBag?

    PlayBag Maxi Instructions

    The PlayBag is very easy to use, and each one comes with its own “Care Card” which explains how to use and look after your PlayBag.

    To make up into its bag form you simply start at one of the handles, and do up each set of poppers in turn, do the same at the other side, fill with toys and fold over the Velcro flap to secure everything inside.

    Check out our short demo video on using the PlayBag Mini here.


    Where do you use the PlayBag?

    PlayBag Adventures banner

    The PlayBag was designed to be used anywhere!! We take ours everywhere, for spontaneous play! We find them especially useful while travelling to alleviate boredom, and for when we are eating out. Check out our PlayBag Adventures page for more ideas as to where you can use your PlayBag.

    Is it suitable for travel?

    The PlayBag was born to travel. The PlayBag mini is an ideal size for travel as it fits perfectly on the lap in cars and busses, or on tables in planes and trains. The maxi also doubles as an overnight bag for the odd night away. Why not lay it on top of your duvet for an undulating interactive bedtime story!

    What toys are suitable to use with a PlayBag?

    PlayBag Toys banner

    We don’t like to be too prescriptive about this, as you are only limited by your imagination which knows no bounds!! However, we are particularly fond of wooden vehicles, Lego, Playmobil and character figures. Check out our blog on our top ten favourite toys to use with a PlayBag.

    How much can I fit into the PlayBag?

    The PlayBag maxi has plenty room for a good number of toys as well as some snacks and PJ’s if needed!

    The PlayBag mini is meant for shorter journeys, however it can still fit a good number of toys in it!


    Please see our FAQ page for more answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, however, please do leave a comment if you have any other questions that you would like answered.


    Debbie x