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  1. Halloween fave blog

    We love autumn, and especially Halloween. In fact we love any time of the year that we can celebrate the seasons, our culture and the culture and traditions of others while we come to think of it!!

    This week, I wanted to share with you some of our favourite Halloween things.

    Pumpkin carving

    Who doesn’t like to do a spot of pumpkin carving! I don’t claim to be any good at it, but we do have a lot of fun. Some of the carved pumpkins you can find on Pinterest are phenomenal! May have a go at something a little more unusual this year just for a laugh!! Watch this space!!

    Pumpkin bread

    Since I discovered this recipe five years ago, it has been a firm favourite every pumpkin season. It is very good for using up all the pumpkin flesh that is left over after your pumpkin carving session. Super easy and goes down a treat!



    We don’t tend to go over the top on the Halloween decoration side, but I do like to create a nice centrepiece for the table using seasonal fruit and leaves. They bring a little of the outside in and make me feel more connected to the seasons. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest for Autumnal centrepieces, but you can check out some of our favourites on our Pinterest board here

    Halloween baking

    Some of our other favourite recipes are also super simple like these white chocolate ghosts, or the pumpkin mummies – again Pinterest is an amazing resource for recipes.

    Leave us a comment below and let us know what your favourite Halloween activities are!


    Debbie x

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  2. big changes blog

    This year has seen a lot of personal changes around here, the big one being the decision to home educate the smallest member of the PlayBag Team!

    This decision took a while to come to but it has definitely been the right one for us. We are lucky in that this can fit around business, and there is a huge Home School community in our area so he doesn’t miss out on the social side of things.

    We made this decision simply because little fella was not happy at school and was losing his love of learning. This was certainly not a reflection of the school or the teachers, it just didn’t seem to suit him or his style of learning.

    I have to say, things have been so much happier and calmer since we started this in September, and we are totally loving it. It also means that he can play a bigger part in the family business and learn entrepreneurial skills alongside his regular studies.

    So how does this affect the PlayBag Company?

    Well, it just means I have to be super organised! As we start home school at 7.30am, he gets some time off in the afternoon so I can catch up on business. I am also utilising evenings and weekends more. He comes with me to business meetings, where the PlayBag sure comes in handy when he is not busy helping me!

    It is a very exciting time for us, and he has already come up with some fab ideas for new designs and improvements, so watch this space!

    Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter which has had a bit of an overhaul and will be in your inboxes around the 1st of the month with developments and upcoming offers.

    Bye for now,

    Debbie x

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  3. The PlayBag Mini

    We designed our PlayBag Mini to be your ultimate on-the-go companion! It is small enough that your little one can carry it themselves, small enough to fit on a lap on a car journey or on a café table; super quick to tidy away when your lunch arrives, yet still big enough for lots of adventures.

    Watch the introduction video here!

    Current designs

    We currently have the PlayBag Mini in five designs to suit all sorts of adventures. 

    Bestseller Magical 

    Bestseller Island



    Mini stepping stones - NEWClearance Space


    Features of the PlayBag Mini (1)

    If you have any questions about the PlayBag Mini, or have any suggestions on how to improve our products and service, please do drop us a line. :) 


    Debbie x

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    Sometimes, there is just too much choice!! We have put together this mini guide to help you with your decision.

    Firstly how old is your child?

    If your child is under 2 – first of all look under the baby friendly section of the shop. Some of our PlayBags have long fabrics, which may shed, so if your little one likes putting things in their mouths, they may not be suitable.

    From Birth

    The Building Blocks PlayBag is a good starter choice – especially for babies, as they have a simple fleece interior, in a choice of colours, so it is a good option if you want a clean lightweight PlayBag that you can just open out for them to sit on or have tummy time. As they get older, they can also use it as an open ended base for construction toys such as Lego.

    Building Blocks elmer inner blue

    From 1 year old

    The Enchanted Garden PlayBag is also another good option as it contains no long fabric and is extremely tactile. It features an oversized flower with “crunchy” orange petals and a squeaker in the centre, as well as different textures to delight your little one. As they reach the age of starting small world imaginative play, the other features come into their own…. The stepping stones and the rainbow bridge offer a perfect backdrop for many toys.

    Enchanted Garden pooh adn frieinds


    From 2 years old

    We love our bestselling Shire design. We think it is one of the most versatile PlayBags and can be used with a wide variety of toys. Although we designed it around the story of The Gruffalo, we use it just as much with our wooden train sets, and Playmobil toys.

    • The Shire with Playmobil

    Where will you be using your PlayBag?

    On the bus/train/plane/in the car

    The PlayBag Mini is ideal for travel. It is small enough to fit on the lap or on the small tables on planes. Children love to pack away a few small toys in their PlayBag and carry it themselves.

    PlayBag Minis

    At Grandparents house

    The PlayBag Maxi is perfect for keeping a self contained play station at Grandparents house. It can be filled with toys, and hung in the cupboard ready for their next visit. Every now and again, swap the toys over for a brand new adventure.

    At home

    If you are not limited for space, the PlayBag Maxi is ideal for use at home. If you have more than one, you can create different themes with them, or lay them next to each other with the roads or rivers aligned to create an even bigger play space.

    Maxi Bags

    On Holiday

    Depending on how you are travelling, either PlayBag is great for holidays. Especially the rainy days. We tend to take a Mini if we are travelling by plane, or the Maxi if we are in the car. Also love taking them camping so when we are all snuggled up in the tent we can sit around the PlayBag by torchlight and make up stories.


    This all depends upon the space you have. We quite often take a Maxi with us to restaurants, then spread it over the table, as it quickly tidies away once the food arrives! Cafes tend to have smaller tables, so we take our Mini to them, although we have been known to lay the PlayBag on the floor in a quiet corner if it is not too busy


    Which toys will you be using?

    We create our PlayBags to be used with a wide variety of toys, and the idea is that the scene is changed depending upon which toys you are using. If you are buying your PlayBag specifically to use with certain toys this may influence your decision.

    We find that the Garden PlayBags are great for trains and vehicle play with its over/under bridge – it has been a race track as well as seen many car chases!

    Camo Garden wooden toys

    Boy or Girl?

    Haha!! Threw this one in as a bit of a red herring!!

    We create our PlayBags to be gender neutral, so they are all suitable for either gender. What makes them specific to your child are the toys you decided to use with them. What could be dinosaur planet to one child could be a mystical adventure to another.


    Make it your own!

    All our PlayBags are made individually in small batches, so it is a simple task to change the features around if you would like something done slightly differently. For example, one of the features in a different colour, or omitting the long grass on The Shire to make it baby friendly. Simply drop us an email and let us know what changes you would like.

    Also, although we keep a small amount of PlayBags ready-made, we also have a stock of part made interiors, ready to sew to their outers, so if you want your PlayBag with a different colour outer, let us know and we will make it up for you.

    Changing minor things to our design such as features and colours does not count as a custom bag, so does not incur any further charges.

    Please do get in touch if you have any queries about any of our PlayBags

    Debbie x.

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