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  1. Our Hyggliest Moments

    Continuing this month’s theme of Hygge, I thought we’d share with you some of our hyggliest moments. The lovely thing to me about this is that it isn’t about money or things, it is about creating moments of pure joy that last a lifetime.

    Many years ago, when my daughter was still rather small – I was a single parent and as a result fairly strict with her. I can’t even remember how it came about now, but I ended up in her bedroom and we started a pillow fight! I can’t remember much else, but I do remember the two of us lying on her bed in fits of giggles as she said “that was the best fun I’ve ever had”. She still reminds me of this moment to this day. It also reminded me as a parent that sometimes we do need to let loose and let our inner child out to have some fun!

    Me and little Peter created a thing we call the All-Day-Cuddle (ADC for short). Truth is it doesn’t really last all day – it can be just 5 minutes or a few hours. It usually involves us in our pyjamas, on the couch with a nice soft blanket and a film in front of the fire. The main thing is the feeling it creates. It is just us, feeling close and sharing some quality time together.

    Some of my favourite moments also involve power cuts!! A great opportunity to get some candles out and snuggle in front of the fire playing a good old fashioned board game. I would say with a nice cup of hot chocolate as well, but as we only have an electric hob, this is one treat we have to miss out on during those moments!

    All these snapshots of our time, have one thing in common….. family. Being close as a family and creating everlasting memories. We don’t remember the things as much as the feelings these moments create. These are the things that we treasure for all time.

    We would love to hear your hyggliest moments. What made them so special?

    Debbie, Caitlin and Peter x

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  2. Limited Edition Winter specials

    Last winter we created a selection of seasonal specials which went down a treat, so we have decided to bring them back for this winter.

    The Shire in Winter brings a frosty look to our beloved Shire design, with an icy looking path and snowy cave. We love propping up the bridge, so that our characters can sledge down the hill.

    The Winter Garden has a lovely snowy look, with its long white grassy field and icy over/under road with snow drift. Perfect for creating a magical winter time adventure even if it is not snowing outside!

    Their imagination can take them anywhere with these snowy adventures, and it may also give you time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while they create their own magical worlds.

    Please note that both these designs are only suitable for age 2 plus due to the long pile fabric used.


    These designs are only going to be available until 1st February 2019, so don’t miss out. Look under the Winter Specials section of our shop.

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    Debbie x

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  3. What is Hygge_

    “Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable friendliness with feelings of wellness and contentment.

    But it goes further that this. It is a word difficult to explain in English, but it has to be felt.

    I spent a couple of years living in Denmark when I was in my early 20’s and it is something vey much central to their way of living. They place a lot of emphasis on family and having a friendly welcoming home. It doesn’t cost much to create a hygge atmosphere and it can create warm happy technology free family memories.

    When I think of something as being hyggelig, I think of candlelight, fluffy slippers, warm fire and hot chocolate. It is something that brings about that warm fuzzy feeling of contentment.

    It has become something of a recent phenomenon in this country in recent years, especially on the cold dark nights when people can start to feel rather blue with the lack of sunlight. Creating a hyggelig space in your home can become a winter refuge perhaps with a good book and soft blanket.

    There is lots of information on the internet to get you started, or books to inspire you, so get started this winter and start feeling hyggelig!

    Debbie x

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