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It's all in the bag!!

The PlayBag is your all-in-one toy bag and imaginative play mat all in one convenient, portable package!

Keeping children entertained whether you are at home, on holiday or going out for a meal or coffee. Simply fill with your favourite toys, popper up into a bag and take it wherever you go.

Each one is individually handmade and unique in its own way and will give your child hours of tech free play time. 

Please note that no toys are included with the PlayBag..... toys shown are for demonstration purposes only. 

Our Bestselling PlayBags

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Mini Stepping Stone

Endless play scenarios with our Mini Stepping Stones, featuring stream, bridge and of course... stepping stones! 

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Mini Island Explorer

Whether it is a pirate raid or a holiday vacation, there are many adventures awaiting on the Island PlayBag Mini. 

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Maxi Enchanted Garden

With the rainbow bridge and colourful oversized flower, what's not to love about the Maxi Enchanted Garden? Let their imagination run wild! 

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Maxi Shire

One of our favourte PlayBags for storytelling, the Shire Maxi is very versitile and just waiting for toys to bring it alive!

An independent review from MummyKind

This is a product that I really happily stumbled across one day, and I have not been asked to write this review – it’s completely independent!

The PlayBag is an INGENIOUS invention – I mean, seriously life-changing for every parent!

Picture this…

You’re on a train/long car journey, and your toddler starts to become restless, wants something to play with, is no longer interested in the million snacks you’ve packed, and you can sense a full-on toddler meltdown coming on.

The PlayBag will save you from that very crisis. We’ve all been there, right? Kids kicking off in the supermarket and old Doris giving you a disapproving look and a verbal tut, shaking her head as she wanders off to find her Canestan away from the screeches and whining of your baby/tot/teen

Basically, the PlayBag is a bag and a playmat rolled into one. It opens out into a brightly coloured, textured playmat which is a brilliant sensory experience for little ones. Not only that, but you can carry toys in the playmat so that when it is opened out and ready to be deployed in your hour of need, your children will have toys to keep them entertained when you need it most! AND it does up again with 3 easy poppers on each side, so you can scoop up the play area and toys in one quick, easy swoop. I wish my carpets had that feature sometimes…

Not only that, but PlayBags are MACHINE WASHABLE!!!!!!!!!! So, they’re totally hygienic and you can easily keep them clean for your little ones to play with.

The various designs of the PlayBags are really lovely – there are farms, camo prints (which, being an army family, we obviously adore), enchanted gardens, beach designs and loads more. The outside of the bag can also come in a range of colours, so if you have two kids of similar ages (or twins – if that’s the case then my heart goes out to you… stay strong mama!) you can neutralise the colours or choose something that BOTH children will like rather than having your standard gendered pink/blue only options.


Olivia absolutely loves the PlayBag… She loves to carry it around with her and it’s perfect for transporting her Duplo Lego so that she can do her “building” on the move.

Where would you take your PlayBag? 


I took the mini PlayBag with us on a recent trip to New York City. It was great for my nearly 2 year old boy. I think he will continue to enjoy it even more as he grows and plays with it.



The PlayBag comes into its own when going out for the day, or a weekend away as there is space for toys inside and it is time saving as the poppers contain the toys when it is time to tidy up.



Hi! Thank you. I received the bags thank you and they are fab. I am a childminder, and these are perfect for my line of work. We have taken them to the beach, park and woods already incorporating them into all sorts of play. 


West Sussex